Whether your business provides appointment-based service to your customers, or you frequently need to schedule meetings and conference calls, the process for scheduling and tracking their status can be tedious and a big time waster.

Most have already moved on from paper-based scheduling systems and have implemented some type of digital scheduling software into their organization. While having a digital source of truth for your schedule is a big step up from scribbles in your calendar, automating the entire process can make an even bigger difference in the amount of time you spend tracking appointments or meetings.

New innovation is starting to address this problem, and many are realizing the benefits of implementing an AI scheduling assistant into their system. Automating your scheduling process allows both customers and employees to schedule meetings, book appointments, and easily make updates or changes to those times as necessary. No more phone tag, no more last-minute cancellations — no more wasted time.

The AI meeting assistant can integrate directly into your CRM or calendar, and is able to facilitate booking, cancelling, and rescheduling of meetings or appointments. With a seamless integration into your and your employees’ calendars, all appointments will be automatically updated and moved as necessary, without any need for manual operations.

This type of AI scheduling software can help with scheduling needs in any appointment or meeting-based industry, including:

  • Hospitality (e.g. hotel bookings, event planning, travel bookings)
  • Financial services (e.g. accountants or financial consultants)
  • Field service management (e.g. technicians or property maintenance)
  • Fitness and lifestyle (e.g. yoga studios, gyms, or personal trainers)
  • Food service (e.g. caterers, restaurants, private chefs)
  • Health and beauty (e.g. salons, spas, medical clinics)

In the demo below, you will hear an AI scheduling assistant that's been created for a dental practice. The assistant answers the phone, facilitating a conversation that allows a calling patient to easily schedule an appointment with their preferred dentist at a time that suits them. The assistant then follows up by sending the caller an SMS to confirm the appointment and allow the customer to easily remember or reschedule the appointment.

Common use cases for AI scheduling software

Automating scheduling in real-time

  • Let your customers book appointments online or on the phone without any need to speak with a human employee. Your AI scheduling assistant will speak to your customers in natural language and allow them to create an appointment at a time that suits them. Being integrated into your CRM allows your meeting assistant to book appointments only when you’re available, and automatically update your calendar as needed.

Appointment/meeting confirmation

  • Last minute cancellations or no-shows are just bad for business — and most of the time, they’re completely avoidable. Utilizing AI for scheduling confirmations allows you to easily confirm every appointment through SMS, mail, or on the phone line, automatically updating your CRM accordingly, with no need for human interaction.

Automated appointment reminders

  • Having a human employee call every client to remind them of their meeting or appointment beforehand is an unreasonable use of time for the employee, and the rescheduling that often ensues is tedious and inefficient. Your AI scheduling assistant will make those calls for you, reschedule with the customer as needed, and update each appointment in your calendar with ease.

Advantages of using AI for scheduling

The main advantages of leveraging an AI scheduling assistant are plenty, and while wasting less time on tedious, repetitive tasks is a no-brainer, here’s some of the other benefits you’ll reap:

Less last-minute cancellations

Keeping track of appointments and automatically confirming and reminding people about your meetings allows everyone to better remember when their appointments are and easily notify you if they need to reschedule. This makes a huge difference in the amount of last-minute cancellations or no-shows, which makes a huge reduction in the amount of time you and your employees waste.

Allow employees to focus on higher-value tasks

It’s not hard to see how spending a large amount of time scheduling and rescheduling appointments with customers and manually updating calendars and CRMs accordingly is a waste of resources. Automating these processes with AI for scheduling enables yourself and your employees to spend their time doing things that humans should be doing, which will bring a lot more value to your business.

Increased efficiency

Your AI meeting assistant is able to handle multiple calls simultaneously and can answer the phone 24/7, meaning that even at peak hours and on holidays, your calendar will be booked and updated with ease. Your AI assistant is also less accident prone than your average human employee, meaning no more double bookings or missed time slots.

Higher customer satisfaction and retention

Creating a great experience for your customers is key to retaining their business and maintaining your relationships with them. Allowing your clients to easily book and reschedule their appointments and meetings at any time of the day, with no hold time and no need to check the calendar and call-back, gives them a good reason to stay loyal to your organization.

Who can utilize AI for scheduling software?

Independent Professionals

As an individual running your own business, it is critical that you schedule your time as efficiently as possible in order to maximize your time and revenue. An AI scheduling assistant provides a cost-efficient way for you to automate your entire booking process and focus on growing your business.

Small and medium size businesses

Minimizing no-shows and freeing your employees to focus on high-value tasks is absolutely critical in letting a growing business optimize resources and maximize profit margins. Using AI for scheduling provides you a reasonably priced way to automate your entire booking and scheduling process, giving you the boost you need to expand your profits and your business.

Enterprises and large organizations

Providing an accessible experience through all communication channels is essential for large enterprises today, as customers expect 24/7 total access to your organization. Integrating an AI meeting assistant into your and your employees CRM lets all of your employees provide a top quality experience to each and every customer and maximizes your entire organization’s efficiency and revenue.

An AI scheduling assistant sounds great, but I don’t have a technical background — can I use one anyway?

Though AI meeting assistants are powered by advanced AI software and machine learning algorithms, implementing one into your business, phone lines, and CRM couldn’t be easier. After discussing your business’ needs with an over.ai account manager, our team will create a meeting assistant that’s suited to your company, your customers, and your business goals. Implementing the cloud-based assistant is quick and easy, and your account manager will guide you through it.

After implementation, the over.ai team will be in constant monitoring of your AI meeting assistant, ensuring that calls are handled smoothly and making adjustments as necessary. With an AI assistant for your business, you can have your best employee handling all of your scheduling needs — who wouldn’t want that? Contact us today — an over.ai account manager will be in touch soon.

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