Our partnership with Avaya expands to AI Connect ecosystem

We’re happy to announce that over.ai is expanding its partnership with Avaya and is now a member of Avaya’s revolutionary AI Connect ecosystem, a selective group of global organizations leading innovation in AI. Avaya’s focus on AI throughout their UC solutions is an answer to the rapidly growing need of organizations to maximize efficiency in the workplace while meeting rising customer expectations. Solutions are designed to strengthen employees’ ability to make intelligent, data-based decisions, and optimize both inward and outward facing communications.

“Avaya’s deep expertise in creating communications and collaboration experiences for enterprise workers leverages AI capabilities for natural language understanding and personal assistants. With the addition of new AI solutions from companies like Knowmail, over.ai and others, our A.I.Connect initiative continues to expand the ecosystem helping to provide optimal AI capabilities for strengthening workforce engagement across omnichannel communications,” said Eric Rossman, Avaya Vice President, Alliances and Partnerships.

The integration of over.ai’s Voice AI technology throughout Avaya platforms will allow users to interact in natural language with their devices. The ability to interact with devices in a conversational interface will empower employees to focus on higher value tasks and streamline communication channels throughout the workplace.

“Enabling organizations to enhance their user experience across every channel will have an enormous impact on productivity and communication,” said Noam Fine, over.ai CEO. “We’re excited to be able to link over.ai’s Voice AI Cognitive Services with Avaya solutions and make this a reality.”

Learn more about over.ai’s partnership with Avaya and Avaya AI Connect.