Can Voice AI improve my property management operations?

Can Voice AI improve my property management operations?

Being responsible for the vast number of responsibilities associated with property management is not an easy task. You and your team are likely accountable for everything from tenant screening, collecting rent, lease creation, maintenance, and a thousand other things — many of which are as unpredictable as the weather.

At the heart of all of these duties is one thing — customer support.

Each of your tenants is a customer, and each of them deserves the best customer experience you can provide them. If you don’t meet their needs, they will move out of your property and find a manager who gives them the attention and resolutions they seek.

Though it’s a good idea to allow your clients to access your services through all communication channels — social media, email, and even SMS — your customer service likely centers around your phone. Whether it’s an office PBX or your personal cell phone, answering the phone in a timely manner and quickly resolving caller inquiries, concerns, or issues is critical to keeping your tenants satisfied. But when you’re busy, on holiday, or on the line with another client, this is easier said than done. When an unforeseen incident occurs, you may even find yourself drowning in phone calls, and listening to every concerned client’s voicemail and playing phone tag with them can be incredibly time consuming. These calls are also repetitive and tedious — and as sorting and prioritizing calls is difficult, you have a huge risk of accidentally ignoring your high-value clients while busy taking care of less important issues. This can quickly lead to unsatisfied tenants, lost business, and lost money.

The problems we’ve discussed here aren’t new, and there are many solutions out there. You may have hired a receptionist or even an outsourced, after hours answering service to handle your phone calls. However, most of these options are quite pricey, and unfortunately don’t necessarily provide your callers with the resolutions they seek — outsourced agents don’t know the nuances of your business, can’t answer more than basic questions, and don’t feel a strong sense of loyalty or responsibility to maintain your customers’ satisfaction. Receptionists and outsourced agents alike can’t handle a large volume of phone calls, which leads to a long line of clients waiting on hold, which ultimately leads to a high rate of abandonment. In fact, these types of solutions will often only lead to increased customer frustration, and again — lost revenue.

This is where cutting edge technology can save the day.

What is an AI Representative?

An AI representative is essentially a personal, digital receptionist, which is able to answer your phone, transcribe your clients’ messages, and send them to you in email, message, or your preferred platform for notifications. Thanks to advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, representatives are able to conduct conversations in natural, conversational language — many people won’t be aware they’re speaking with a non-human agent. Your representative is trained to know your business, from a greeting customized to welcome your clients, to the ability to answer complex questions about your company.

What’s so great about an AI Representative?

Your representative fulfills the same purpose that a human agent or receptionist does — answering your phone when you can’t to make sure your clients feel attended to. From your customers’ perspective, the service is similar, with some added bonuses:

No hold time

  • Let's say you're a commercial property manager, there's a huge storm, and 100 of your properties have their power cut off — that means 100 phone calls are coming your way. Unless you happen to have 100 receptionists or contact center agents waiting around, you probably have no way to deal with this and it may take you several hours, or even days, to sort through your messages and respond to each of your tenants. AI Representatives are able to handle 500 calls just as easily as 1 call, making call spikes a non issue. For the same reason, this makes your customer support totally scalable, allowing you to grow your business without worrying about hiring extra employees to answer your phones.

Full customization

  • Outsourced call center agents are not your employees. Their knowledge of your property management business is minimal, and so is the amount they care about your clients. The worst part is that often, your callers won’t understand that this isn’t your in-house employee, leading to even more frustration when the agent isn’t able to resolve their issue or do anything other than take a message for you. Your representative is personalized to your business in every way —  from the actual voice and tone of the agent, which you can choose, to the level of knowledge, integration, and access to your company’s database.

Constant access and total transparency

  • Monitoring your representative is as simple as signing into your Vonage AI dashboard and viewing your messages, call history, and call analytics all in one place. You can easily set and change notification preferences, allowing you to stay constantly updated on operations and important messages, or letting you sit back and have your representative take care of your tenants

Cost efficient

  • No matter what you think of the level service provided by outsourced support agents, we can all agree on one thing — it’s expensive. It’s may not be as expensive as losing business due to missed after hours calls, but having a full time employee, in house or not, answering your phone is a huge cost, and is ultimately not very efficient. You probably have times when you receive lots of calls in a short period, and times when you receive no calls for hours. When you receive lots of calls in a short period, your employee won’t be able to handle all of them at once, and when you don’t receive any calls for hours — you’re paying someone to do nothing.
    You only need to pay your AI representative for the time it’s actually active on a phone call, speaking with customers. So not only will your AI representative make great improvements in your customer service level, it can mean a huge difference for your bottom line.

AI representatives sound great, but I don’t have a technical background — can I use one anyway?

Though AI representatives are powered by advanced AI software and machine learning algorithms, implementing one into your business and phone lines couldn’t be easier. After discussing your business’ needs with a Vonage AI account manager, our team will create a representative that’s suited to your company, your customers, and your business goals. On your end, the implementation is as simple as diverting phone calls to a unique phone number for your AI representative, which your account manager will walk you through.After implementation, the Vonage AI team will be in constant monitoring of your AI representative, ensuring that calls are handled smoothly and making adjustments as necessary. With an AI representative for your business, you can have your best employee answering every phone call — who wouldn’t want that?

Contact us today — a Vonage AI account manager will be in touch soon.

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