The power of a digital receptionist on your cell phone provides a Voice AI-driven digital assistant, called Omega, that can handle phone operations and execute complex tasks. Omega has conversational AI and contextual understanding abilities powered by advanced natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms.

Our suite of telephony business solutions continues to grow

We are pleased to announce the release of the newest addition to our product offering, a mobile application offering a free, streamlined version of’s full services.  

The new mobile app, called AI Answering Machine, is available for Android mobile devices in the Google Play Store, and in early 2019 will be released in the App store for iOS devices.

Anyone who finds themselves frequently dodging, missing, or overwhelmed by phone calls will appreciate the value of this application.

AI Answering Machine will essentially give the user the power of a receptionist on their cell phone line. Omega will be able to answer the phone on behalf of the user, transcribe conversations, take and organize messages, and provide insights into the user’s phone use. Users will be able to watch as Omega transcribes conversations in real time, determining the caller’s identity and purpose, and allowing the user to interact or intervene through Omega. While similar features exist natively on some other devices, most Android and iOS users haven't had the opportunity to use a call screening feature, and no other product currently stores the messages for future access.

“The addition of a mobile app to our toolkit was the next logical step in making our solution more accessible to a wider user base,” says Noam Fine, CEO, “It’s great to be able to offer small businessmen, and even consumers, a chance to take advantage of the power of AI on their own phones. Anyone who finds themselves frequently dodging, missing, or overwhelmed by phone calls will appreciate the value of this application”.

Where to download

While the application offers just a taste of the platform’s full capabilities, our developers are already using feedback to further its functionality and add more robust features.

Download the AI Answering Machine here, for free on Android devices in the US Google Play Store. Support for more languages and countries, as well as an iOS version, is in development and will be released in early 2019.  Sign up below for our mail list to stay updated and be the first to download AI Answering Machine for iOS.

For more information about's full product offering, talk with our team of experts about creating a demo for your business today.