Bots and humans playing nice will solve major customer service challenges

As pioneers in AI voice interactions, we’re often confronted with the myth that bots are here to replace humans. But the truth of the matter is - as long as humans maintain their ability to emote and come to logical decisions, human interaction will remain a necessary aspect of many areas of business.

The downfalls of the current customer service model

However, these interactions suffer from a paradox of dissatisfaction on both ends of the spectrum. Customers dread dialing that Customer Support number and will approach with caution. It’s always exhausting, often frustrating, and rarely resolved quickly and effectively. Businesses of all size, on the other hand, spend fortunes and expend lots of resources on trying to make a better experience, just to find themselves in the same lose-lose situation.

This is where Voice AI comes in. Studies show that 50%-80% of consumer interactions (depending on the industry) are simple, non-value inquiries that can be simply answered by AI automation that generates human-to-human like conversation, with success rates for solving the issues under the AI’s defined scope ranging between 85%-95%. By elevating the speed and efficiency that customer issues are addressed, a company can make great improvements in their customer loyalty and satisfaction metrics.

Focusing on what matters

CS agents will prove their value within that additional 40% of scenarios - the ones too complex (at least in the near future) for a Voice AI agent to handle. Yes, AI-driven systems will be able to take care of a large volume of customer queries, greatly reducing the amount of time that human agents will spend answering frequently asked questions or account inquiries. Yes, businesses will take the opportunity to both raise customer satisfaction and save money by reducing the time agents spend on the phone.

However, by taking away the menial tasks that often overwhelm employees, CS teams can focus on dedicated resolutions and sales oriented opportunities, holding value and quality over quantity. Employees will be given a huge opportunity to develop and learn new skills, and those that do will thrive. Voice AI should not be viewed as a threat to customer service jobs - it should be seen as a stimulant to the industry that will benefit all parties.

To us, this is an industry game changer. Our mission is to help every company that cares about giving quality service integrate an AI voice solution and finally change the way people feel about calling customer service.